Customer Loyalty

Updated: April 2024

Why focus on loyalty?

Customer loyalty is essential for the continued success and growth of your company.​

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What generates customer loyalty?

Many strategies support generating loyalty, this section explores a few of them.​

A Closer Look at Loyalty Programmes

Loyalty programs can be approached in many ways, depending on what’s right for your company. Consider what you might want in them.​

A Closer Look at Renewals

A renewals process should have benefits for everybody and help overcome customer loyalty challenges in the UK automotive market.​

The Renewal Process

A renewals process should sit side-by-side with key stages in a customer’s purchasing journey. By agreeing key contact points at the start of this journey, you start lining up a future sale.​

GDPR Compliance

A successful renewals process only works if the customer agrees that you can contact them. Use this guide to make sure your opt-in process is GDPR compliant.​