Vehicle Excise Duty (ved)

(Also known as Road Fund Licence, car tax or road tax)

The amount of VED paid on a HGV will vary depending on its revenue weight, the number of axles and whether it has road-friendly suspension.

HGV rates are complicated, so use this guide from the DVLA if you need to find out more information.

Note: The VED for HGVs remain frozen for 2023/24 

HGV road user Levy

Following consultation in 2022, the Government will introduce a new reformed HGV levy from August 2023 following the planned end of the current levy suspension period. 

The reforms to the HGV levy are a further step towards reflecting the environmental performance of the vehicle. The government remains committed to ensuring that the levy applies to all HGVs using the UK road network.  

Statutory Off Road Notice

Registered vehicles that are not being used or parked on public roads and which have been taxed since January 31, 1998, must be covered by a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) to avoid VED and insurance payments.